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CBeebies Land Guide:

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Great Theme Park:

Alton Towers is divided into several themed areas. Select which area you wish to visit, and find out about the area, and which rides & attractions you will find there.

> X Sector
> Forbidden Valley
> Adventure Land
> Towers Street
> Katanga Canyon
> Gloomy Wood
> Dark Forest
> Storybook Land
> Cloud Cuckoo Land
> CBeebies Land
> Mutiny Bay
> The Gardens
> The Towers

Great Rides & Attractions:

Whether it's white-knuckle legends like Nemesis and Oblivion or wild, wacky themed zones for all ages, the action just keeps coming..

> Rollercoasters
> Thrill Rides
> Water Rides
> Family Rides
> Childrens Rides
> Transportation

Plan Your Visit:

Helpful information to make your day special.

> Opening Times
> How To Get There
> Parking
> Disability Information

Travel Information:

Useful information on how to get to Alton Towers.

> Traveling to Alton Towers by Car
> Traveling to Alton Towers by Coach
> Traveling to Alton Towers by Train
> Traveling to Alton Towers by Bus
> How To Get To Alton Towers